For us, by us. Karibuni!


The Kenyan Association of Manitoba yahoo group (community website) was fashioned solely for the purposes as stated herewith; dialogue on community affairs, career postings and
informing.This is aligned with the Kenyan Association of Manitoba (KAM)
objectives as follows:

1. To advance unity and sociability among Kenyan residents in Canada in general and Manitoba in particular.
2. To promote benevolence and understanding among Kenyans and other Canadian communities by partaking in cultural, social and educational programs.
3. To work as a team and be actively involved with other progressive groups and organizations whose aspirations and goals are in consistent with the KAM constitution.
4. To espouse Kenya’s standing as steadfast and be law-abiding residents of Manitoba and Canada and Canada as a whole.
5. To lend a hand in financing and support of community projects in Kenya as well as in Canada.
6. To support Association members that experience problems in integrating into the Canadian society.
7. To update Kenyans about events within or without Manitoba that requires their action/support.
8. To prop up awareness and knowledge of the Kenyan cultures among the Kenyan broods and adolescences.

The Kenyan association of Manitoba was put together by Kenyans living in Manitoba mainly to promote and develop a sense of unity and a community spirit among Kenyans, Kenyan-Canadians and all other ethnic groups in Canada. To assist Kenyans and friends of Kenya who find themselves in difficulty and also to provide an informational resource base to which newly arrived Kenyans may be referred for support in adjusting to the social environment.

Mission Statement

“To unite the people of Kenyan origin in fellowship, their families and friends, residing in the province of Manitoba, Canada. To increase the popularity of our common interests.”

We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun while when we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the association will become even stronger.


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